Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Blanket and Me

This isn't really a post about anything terribly important, just something I thought about today. The temperature here is significantly more pleasant than it is back home, and even though most of the days are in the mid 60's and sunny, it's winter. People are bundled up in winter coats, I've seen babies in snowsuits a la "A Christmas Story" and I walk around in a sundress and flats. Needless to say, I get stared at and I'm immediately pegged as an American. And despite the fact that it apparently the dead of winter, the heat in my apartment is never on, and it does get pretty chilly at night. Our third day in Sevilla, we went on two missions. Mission 1: Get Phones. Mission 2: Get an extra blanket. Luckily for us, there was a fabric store two fronts down from the phone store, and we all got 3 Euro fleece blankets.
I love this blanket. I wasn't really one for security blankets as a child, and I had stuffed animals that I slept with (bear and doggy, I'm really original), but I didn't sleep with them until an embarrassing old age like people I know. This blanket has become apart of my everyday life. I don't know what I would do without it. For such a cheap blanket, it keeps me incredibly warm, and I also know where it came from, so I'm not afraid to have it near my face, like the blanket that came with my apartment. I am afraid of one thing, washing it. We have a washer in our apartment, but no drier, and we still haven't figured out the word for fabric softener, so all of our clothing is air dried, and get's stiff once washed. So not only will I be without my little blue wonder-cloth for at least 3 days (because things NEVER dry), it would also be like sleeping with a burlap sack. I don't think I'll ever wash this blanket. Which also means, it will just have to stay here in Spain, because it will get burned once I come back to the cleanliness that is my home on Long Island.

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