Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chicle, ancient gas stations and José Jonas: First two day in Sevilla!

The first two days in Sevilla were basically nonstop.
We arrived in Sevilla around noon, and only had enough time to put our bags down and pee quickly. We live in an apartment building where we're the only students, it's mostly families and couples, so people either find us endearing or really annoying. We went straight to Corte Ingles to get keys made and to go food shopping, my apartment-mates and I were so tired and stressed that we just went home, we just needed a nap, baby mode was in full swing. We just hung out the rest of the day, and unpacked. The group of us got celebratory tapas, which were wonderful. Our waitress sat down next to me and told me which ones to order we got goat cheese with caramelized apples, "vegetable pastry" (vegetables here are fish, because Spanish people don't get that fish isn't meat), and asparagus with salmon, all of which were delicious when washed down with tinto.
As a group, we decided that the theme of orientation was "just follow someone somewhere, and do something" because basically nothing is ever explained to us until we're actually doing it, we could be going into a ditch and we'd all just blindly follow. The next day we were told we would go to the University for a little bit, then see some Roman ruins, we thought "okay, we're leaving at 10, we'll be home at 1 the latest"...8 hours later, we were home and starving. The day was nonstop but fun and beneficial. Luis, our tourguide and professor took us on a walk from our apartment to the University, which is a very pleasant 15 minute walk. We then were supposed to go to an orientation for American students, but apparently we missed it, and got there just in time for snacks. The school is beautiful, it used to be an tobacco factory, so the architecture is unlike anything I've ever seen in the states. Luis (who has become our unofficial mascot) showed us around the school and where our classes would be. Because none of us had phones yet, time doesn't really mean much to us, and by the time we had lunch, we realized it was 2:30, and we had yet to see the ruins. We met Miguel, and his motorcycle outside the school, and we were going to take a bus with Luis while he rode his hog, little did we know that the bus station was a solid half hour walk from the university. At this time, we were all exhausted and were ready for a quick excursion and then some naps. That never happened. We got on the bus (public, not coach, like we all assumed, but it was cool to see how public transportation worked) and realized Luis was gone! Then we see our little Spanish man running towards the bus, with 5 packs of gum, which is the reason why he left us. He then gets on the bus and offers it to us, which we all politely refuse, not realizing he bought it for us! He legit is the cutest man ever, he knows so much about everything and starts to speak faster when he gets really passionate about things, which is all the time so we never really understand him. Both he and Miguel have taken a liking to us, and we all genuinely enjoy spending time with the both of them, I'm very happy we have a class with Luis once a week, so we can survive our other classes.
Italica, the Roman ruins were incredible, there was a whole city, and a theater where the Gladiators fought. Luis knew a lot about their lifestyle so it ended up being very interesting, it was also beautiful, because it was around twilight. We also made a cat friend, who we named Roma. He followed us around for the 3 hours we were touring, but was very sneaky about it because he didn't want to seem desperate.
We got home at around 7:30, and my apartment and I made dinner and had a very cute first official day in Sevilla meal. I'm feeling a lot less anxious then I originally was. I'm in my cold little room, with a phone food and good friends. I don't think I need much else.
Becca turns 21 today, which is pretty anti-climactic because if you can walk, you can drink legally here, but we all vowed to celebrate in style for all of our birthdays. Tonight we're going to a club the woman at the phone store told us about, because she apparently put us on a list so we can get free drinks, let the loud, ugly, American festivities begin!!

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